“I had the great good fortune to work with Sue Kunimune at First Data and would jump at the chance again. She is a joy to work with and outstandingly successful in her field. She is able to zero in on the needs of a company and their job openings in such a way that she is able to surface exceptional candidates who make a huge contribution to the company long term. If executive recruiting is a talent, Sue has it!”

- Antonette DeLauro Smith
Former VP of Marketing & Comm
First Data Corporation

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Services Models

To best suit, your needs, Kunimune & Associates offers interim consulting and services.

Engaged Model

Used primarily when a search is a time-sensitive, more senior level, and/or critical to the organization. Often used when circumstances are less than optimal *(hard to find, merger, damaged reputation or morale) There is a higher level of commitment to a successful outcome. An upfront engagement fee for service is expected at the beginning of the search and the search is done on an exclusive basis.

  • Guarantees the presentation of qualified candidates in a set time frame.
  • Consultant meets with the client. A job profile is built to include a SWOT analysis and cultural fit assessment.
  • Targeted candidates have demonstrated industry or skill set expertise and when approached were not necessarily job hunting.
  • Consultant “promotes and sells” the opportunity, engages prospective applicant
  • Consistent progress and documentation provided
  • Client and search firm are both committed to successful outcomes and dialog often.
  • The consultant stays in touch with the new hire and client, “monitoring” placement.
  • Guarantees for replacement are documented.

Contingency Model

Most useful when an employer has a strong interviewing/HR team to manage multiple firms and the ability to screen candidates. It also works well if an employer has continual needs for a particular position and will hire when candidates become available. The search is not urgent. Usually low to mid-management career level job- not necessarily mission-critical to the organization.

  • As your search is not usually time-sensitive, you may work with multiple recruiting sources that generally source from existing databases of available talent.
  • Since the job is not confidential, unsolicited resumes apply and should be managed.
  • Minimal process designed to generate multiple candidate’s resumes quickly with little documentation.
  • The fee is contingent and paid to the search firm upon the successful placement of a submitted candidate.
  • Guarantees for replacement are negotiable 30-60-90 days